Appalachian Salmon CEO Austin Caperton Featured on Latest Episode of Podcast

April 8, 2022 – Austin Caperton appeared on the podcast, “Appalachia Meets World” to discuss his history with the state of West Virginia, the Appalachian Salmon project, and the impact the project will have for the region.

The Appalachia Meets World podcast is hosted by brothers Will and Neil who were “born and raised in the coal fields of central Appalachia.” The podcast is “about place and perspective, they talk about life in Appalachia and venture outside the region to better understand the negative perceptions of Appalachia and find out how their culture truly compares to the rest of the world.” 

In the episode, the three discuss Caperton’s career at the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, how the Appalachian Salmon project began and where it’s going, as well as the advantages of using the assets of a former industry to create a new, sustainable one for the region.

You can listen to Episode 47 of “Appalachia Meets World” here, or on other podcast platforms.