Sustainable salmon
Raised right here at home

At Appalachian Salmon, we believe we can create a brighter future for both people and the planet by producing a sustainable, superior product, and creating a sustainable industry.

What does sustainable mean?

For us, it means connecting people with healthy food in a way that is beneficial for our environment. It also means creating an enduring industry to provide a positive social impact in our community.

As global demand for salmon continues to rise, current and future demand cannot be sustained by current methods of raising salmon.

The United States consumes almost 450,000 tons of salmon every year, and most of that is imported, creating a costly carbon footprint.

We believe there is a better way.

We will be sustainably raising delicious, nutritious salmon right here at home. Land-based facilities, using RAS technology, are the future of aquaculture and the answer to future food supply concerns. Using RAS, we can raise our salmon in a resource-efficient way, protecting and respecting our environment.

Our facility is located in the heart of Appalachia, with access to abundant pools of groundwater, and a highly skilled workforce. Our focus isn’t just on delivering a sustainable product; our aim is to create a sustainable industry to support generations to come.

Respecting our Environment

Our US location is within a
day’s drive of 60% of the North American market, enabling us to eliminate the excess carbon impact of imported salmon.

Innovative Technology

Our advanced Recirculating
Aquaculture System
enables us to efficiently use
resources to grow healthy,
nutritious fish.

Premium Salmon

Our commitment to raising
a premium product means
using non-GMO stock,
quality feed, and providing a
stress-free environment for our fish.

A Sustainable Industry

We’re not just delivering a
sustainable product; we’re
building a sustainable
industry to provide jobs for
generations to come.


Founder & CEO, Austin Caperton, envisioned the opportunity for a sustainable, successful aquaculture facility to exist in southern West Virginia.

That vision was formed by a long family history in the state, his coal industry experience, his recent role as the Cabinet Secretary of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, and his entrepreneurial spirit.  He had powerful insight into the valuable natural resources of the region and how to better imagine their use to build a new industry with lasting capabilities.

In particular, he knew that there were opportunities for a land-based aquaculture facility here – with unique operational resources that were unmatched anywhere else.

He continues to believe in a better future for Appalachia and for the environment as Appalachian Salmon becomes a reality.

“Our values are centered around sustainability
and to create an industry that is beneficial to
our employees, our state, and our customers.”

– Austin Caperton, Founder & CEO

Superior Quality. Excellent Taste. Sustainably Raised.